Other Worker Resources

IAM National Pension Fund
As an I.A.M. member, you know that strength lies in numbers. The same holds true for the National Pension Plan. Our strength lies in these numbers:

  • The IAM National Pension Fund is the 5th largest multiemployer pension fund in the United States.
  • The Fund has approximately $10.7 billion in assets.
  • The Fund has over 1,650 contributing employer locations.
  • The Fund pays pension benefits to over 90,000 retirees and beneficiaries, providing them with retirement security.
  • The Fund has around 100,000 active participants.

Our numbers are strong and they keep growing stronger… growing to give you a more secure financial future, both tomorrow and well into the 21st Century.

National IAM Benefit Trust Fund
The National I.A.M. Benefit Trust Fund is a Non-Profit Health and Welfare Fund, offering Comprehensive Healthcare Plans, nationwide.

Proudly serving the I.A.M. Membership for over a quarter century, we have earned a reputation for responsive, personalized service.

Contact your IAM Representative, or the Fund Office to find out what the Benefit Trust Fund can offer you!

Wisconsin – Unemployment Compensation
Up-to-date information on Unemployment Compensation for Wisconsin workers is available on this site, which also includes links to other job-related sites.

Wisconsin – Workers Compensation
This site includes comprehensive information on Wisconsin’s Workers Compensation system and also includes extensive data on health and safety.

Paywatch | The National AFL-CIO’s Website on CEO Pay
Shows how CEO pay is skyrocketing; details what the top executives make–and how long it would take you to make that much. Also indicates what you can do about this scandal and how to “talk back.”

AFL-CIO Union Plus
Money-saving benefits for union members & their families

Pension Benefit Guaranty
The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. is using a new Internet site to help workers locate pension money owed to them.  The PBGC lists 9,887 workers who are owed more than $19 million in benefits and about 1,400 companies.  The site can be searched by name, company or state.

U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
Despite cutbacks in their budget for a number of years, this is still the best source for just about any sort of economic data you’re looking for.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Home Page.  This site gives information on the agency, publications, health hazard evaluations and databases.  This site has extensive safety and health weblinks.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Home Page. This site provides information on the agency, technical support, publications and standards.  In addition, the site has extensive safety and health weblinks.

U.S. Census Bureau
This site contains all sorts of data down to the state and county level.